Wednesday, October 23, 2013

BOOK DEPOSITORY - ultimate customer service!

UPDATE on book.

The book is being replaced. BD has always been fantastic in replying to enquiries, deliveries and, where necessary, replacing items damaged in the post.

Thank you Book Depository. Two little boys are going to be very happy Christmas morning.  Just a shame Santa is going to get the credit!

Blogger friends. Please don't comment on this poor damaged book. Had to upload the photos here as there were too many to send through to the book company. I'm sure all will be fine, as this company has been absolutely fabulous throughout the years I have been purchasing from them.

Will let you know what happens though. 

Purchased this book for my little Star Wars Princes for Christmas. They love these books and watching Star Wars dvds as well as acting out scenes with their little Star Wars figurines.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Anzac Day picnic/fishing day

Another fabulous April day. The weather was so warm and there were hundred of people out for the holiday, bbqing, picnicing, kids everywhere. We fished, but came away fishless. We hit balls in every direction, so got lots of exercise. The kids loved fishing and they did get some nibbles, which was so very exciting for them, as they could actually see the fish eating the bait off the line. We said we'd fish another day, somewhere else where there were fish a good size to catch and reel in. I think the photos say it all ...


Sunday, April 21, 2013

I'm not the driver ...

Sunday, April 21st, was the most magnificant day weatherwise. Saturday was teaming down, cold, windy, just a yukky autumn day - one could even say wintery - brrrrr, but today Sunday, was like a summer's day. A perfect day to head on up the mountains with a classic car club for lunch.

I'm happily sat beside my driver as he double shuffles the clutch between gears, fiddles with the instrument panel, manouvers the twisty, windy roads and all the time, I'm enjoying the scenery on this gorgeous day. oohhh and we passed an alpaca farm we did not know about!!!!!!!!!!! ooohhh the excitment ... for me, but, I cannot seem to find it online, so will have to do a little research.

There were approximately 20-25 cars full of eager, enthusiastic, car buffs, looking forward to the day. We began with morning tea of scones, tea/coffee, and afterward, everyone enjoyed looking at the array of cars joining the group for the drive. There was lots of chatter and examination of every car, the history, paintwork, how long did it take to restore, how many owners, etc., filling in a good hour before actually heading off.

We were given written directions, which were hilarous, but meant to be serious. The directions started out well with detailed instructions, but somewhere along the way the provider obviously fell off the rails, as we were all doing u-turns to return to the main road to reach our destination in time. Nothing major, but oh so funny, as we all knew where we were going and at one stage were heading in the wrong direction! We thought it was just us, but on speaking with others discovered everyone was in the same predicament.

I did take my knitting, but didn't get to knit a stitch ... I'll catch up tonight, as I'm working to a deadline. Have to finish a sweater for The Princess by the end of the month. The project is from the Debbie Bliss Rialto DK Print Collection, Christina. I purchased the exact yarn and it's knitting up to look exactly like the picture, quite pretty for a little girl. I've bought the same colour jeans too, as The Princess just loved the whole outfit. I'm the granny, it's my job to spoil my grandkids!

Oh and while we were enjoying morning tea, I spied a lady wearing a Signatur Handknit, it was the Coco Cardigan knitted entirely in red. It was quite beautiful. I did pop over and say how lovely the knit looked and received a big beaming smile from the wearer.


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Holiday fun!

We had a whirlwind visit from friends in the States. Spent a wonderful day with Roxie and Kyle, topped off with the kids around for dinner. Mummy made cupcakes and added a few Easter Bunnies hiding in the cupboard, which of course went down a treat with the little people. Some of the bigger people didn't mind them either!

The kids played keyboard, guitar and sung for the visitors. They are so very cute at this age. Also pleased to see they have the confidence to perform in front of other people too.

Enjoyed dinner in the city on the harbour Friday night with Roxie and Kyle . It's always gorgeous in the city at night. The weather has been fantastic and didn't disappoint - the evening was so balmy.

They sailed away on a 23 day cruise back to the States today - have a great trip you two.


Monday, April 01, 2013

Another Tikki knit ...

These knits are oh so sweet and The Princess simply loves them.

The latest, Elizabeth. Easy to knit as are all Georgie Hallam patterns.

Used Rowan Lenpur Linen - just six balls. Gorgeous colour - Vivid.

The Princess requested the sleeves longer than three-quarters and they look fine. The Lenpur Linen drapes beautifully. I'm very happy with the result. The Lenpur was a little splitty while knitting, but once I changed to an Addi Bamboo, the knitting was easier.

Made an owl brooch from some felt, which finished off the little knit just fine. As you can see from the smile on the face, she loved both!

Next, a couple of sweaters for The Princes. Navy, with some sort of pattern ... still looking for inspiration on this one. I asked the boys what they would like ... never a good move with two seven year olds. Some of the immediate requests were, Star Wars R2D2, penguins, fish, and all had to be big pictures on the front. I'm okay with that, but Mummy's not too keen, so I'll keep looking while knitting up the backs and sleeves.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

I made these ...

... okay, Gran helped a little, but I drew the face and helped stitch it. Gran is not very good at drawing faces.
I have hair now. Gran just has to take another photo...

So my Princess is not wearing a handknit. Bite me!


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dog hair on clothes ....

I follow quite a few decorating/renovating blogs, as I simply love to see how other people around the world decorate their homes. Fabulous for ideas of course, but today I followed a link which lead me to a new blog. Oh, just what I need! It's gorgeous, so spent considerable time perusing pages and pages of lovely pictures when one particular post truly made me laugh - oh, and I so agree with the writer.

I don't want to take anything away from the owner of this beautiful blog, so I'll link to it and you can read  yourself.  Dogs allowed?  If you don't want dog hair on your clothes stay off the furniture.  

I'm sure you will enjoy this beautiful blog Simple Details.